The MiniBIS Pro is an easy to use, convenient and reliable gel doc system which addresses all visible dye applications and most common UV dyes. The MiniBIS Pro uses highly sensitive scientific camera to combine the demanding requirements of professional imaging with capabilities of an advanced life science research system. With its 16-bit, 1.3Mpixel camera and high quality optics that include a super bright lens, the MiniBIS produces sharp, clear images with minimal geometric and light distortion.

The MiniBIS Pro offers you:

  • Cost effective
  • Scientific high-resolution camera
  • Superior optics with super bright lens
  • Easy to use -image with a click of a button
  • Compact, safe and easy to use
  • Programmable and reproducible capture settings
  • Versatile use – both gel imager and transilluminator
  • Full PC control
  • Real-time image viewing and analysis
  • Possibility of safe gel cutting

Detection and quantization of nucleic acids stains and labels including: Ethidium Bromide, SYBR ® Safe, SYBR ® Gold, SYBR ® Green, SYPRO ™ Red, SYPRO ™ Orange, SYPRO ™ Ruby, Deep Purple ™, Gel Star™, Fluorescein, wtGFP, eBFP, Qdots 525, Silver Stain, Commassie Brilliant Blue, Gel Red, Gel Green.



  • UV protection Mechanism
  • EtBr filters
  • Manual focus
  • Manual Iris



fixed or zoom control
Gel cutting kit
UV safety cover
Various filters


  • BL
  • HC
  • UV
  • WL


Camera & Optics



CCD resolustion

1.3 Mpixel

Exposure Time

0.124 Seconds to 1.0 Minute

Super Bright Lens

F/1.4 fixed lens

Excitation Light Source

Trans- Uv (optional- dual UV)
Trans- White light

Field of View

19 cm X 24 cm
System's Dimension


37 cm / 45 cm/ 50.5 cm


GelCapture Software: Allows simple image acquisition by pressing just one button. Full PC control and possible image export in “tiff”, “BMP” or “JPG” formats.

GelQuant Express Analysis Software: easy to use, high quality analyzation of your results.